Wiring Harness Installed

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Wiring Harness Installed - Getting electrical signals from point A to point B is pretty standard thingPut a piece of copper wire between A and B and the job is done. A century of development has left us with increased specialization in wiring, connection devices, and everything in between point A and B. "Mil-Spec" or military specification, has become the buzz-word in motorsport electrical harness construction.. I am no electrician and only know enough to follow directions. I had installed the original wiring harness that came with the lights, and they worked great for about 3. Simple 1 Wire Hook-Up, just connect the original points wire to the module Completely stock appearance Emissions Legal in all 50 States Three year warranty.

Rated 5 out of 5 by LTC489Lester from Safety Ain’t Cheap & Neither are wiring harnesses for cool chrome fog lamps Safety ain’t cheap and the cost of your super-chrome fog lamps will include the purchase of a wiring harness. The total cost of your way-cool chrome fog lamps is not for the faint-of-heart. I had these installed by the professionals at Smokey Mountain Harley-Davidson in.

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